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Dan Ott

The voice actor you OTT to know!

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  About Me

         Hi! I'm Dan!

I'm a tall, lanky, white guy with a voicebox. I have worked as an actor in 23 states across the U.S. from NV to FL to MN and everything in between (yes, I can do all the regional accents!) and I have over a decade of experience in film, improv, outdoor theatre, educational theatre, and normal theater theatre.

With my experience and background focusing on comedy and improv, I think you would agree with my clients that I am "funny looking AND just plain ol funny." I like to infuse a sense of humor alongside my professional and courteous demeanor, so each project is enjoyable and unique. With my professional-grade home studio, I also specialize in 24 hour turnaround.


I hope to work with you soon!


Dan trained with Melissa Moats at The Voice Actor's Studio in Las Vegas. He currently resides in Orlando, FL where he performs regularly with Universal Studios. Dan is represented by Lori Lins LTD, The Helen Wells Agency, Crown North Talent, Wehmann Agency, and JE Talent. He is available for commercial, internal, animation, character, freelance, and dog petting work.


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Bowman Properties 

Int'l Conference on Ocean Energy

A-Gas Americas

Wild One Pets



Okoye Law

PersonaLabs Healthy Selfie

TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar


Steve Weigel, Honest Media

"Dan has a great voice and was really pleasant to work with. He answered messages quickly, and the turn around was incredibly fast. I never questioned when and if he would respond to me. Thanks for the great experience, Dan!" 


Brightline Interactive

"Dan did a fantastic job. Of over 300 lines he delivered, not a single one needed revision! I would work with him again in a heartbeat."


Glen Penrose, Aqavive Pty 

"The Aquaplenish/Aqavive team were delighted to work with Dan. He was professional and provided fabulous service especially working between the US and Australian time zones. We highly recommend Dan to any other entity requiring a US voice actor."


Want to work together? Contact me below!

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